Picasso Magnum Tuna
Especially designed for Big Game Blue Water Hunting, like Tuna or Marlin!
32mm Rail Barrel for maximum precision - With a bigger diameter of 32mm, this tube has more body, preventing gun recoil when compared to similar guns with standard 28mm barrels, especially when charged with 3 rubbers, like this model.
Magnum handle with 100% stainless steel inverted trigger mechanism and only needing 0.7 kg force on the trigger to shoot these 3 rubbers... incredible!!
Blue Water open muzzle for multiple circular rubbers
8mm Shark Fin America Threaded shaft with Bluewater Slip Tip
3 x Circular 14mm Rubbers with Quick Dyneema wishbones
Available sizes: 120Cm, 130Cm,140 Cm, 150Cm and 160Cm