Picasso Magnum BW Camo Roller
Exclusive Roller Evolution Muzzle

Magnum handle with 100% stainless steel inverted trigger mechanism!

Ccuttlefish shaped design with aluminum core and polyurethane foam shape.
This cuttlefish shape with deep spear-shaft track creates an optimal balance and buoyancy and unmatched maneuverability. The polyurethane rubberized coating on the barrel is a noise damper and eliminates common scratches on the surface of the barrel.

Hand painted camouflage finish in Green or Brown color.

Magnum open muzzle for circular rubbers

Double 16mm Boom circular rubber with quick dyneema wishbone

6.5mm PLATINUM stainless steel AMERICA shark fins shaft with extra charging tab

Available sizes: 85 Cm, 95 Cm, 105 Cm and 115 Cm