Picasso COSMOS LED Rechargeable
Very small Torch completely made in Aluminum.

Highly performing Led - 24 000 Lux

Super concentrated focus - The most powerful focus in the market today!

Magnetic switch ON/OFF with battery charging level indicator ( Blinks Green - OK or Red - Needs charging )

Rechargeable with Lithium batteries.

Includes 220v charger!

Brightness: 1100 Lumen / 24 000 Lux
Material: aluminum alloy
Lens: coated glass lens
Switch: ON/OFF type with GREEN light when battery charge more than 30% of charge and becomes RED when less than 30% of charge
Power supply: 1pc 18650 rechargeable battery
Running Time: 1.5 Hours in continuous at full power
Max depth: 100meters - IP68 Rating
Weight: 210g (only light)
Size: 160mm x 45mm x 34mm